2010 intern team

(Josh, Patrick, Connor, me, Lynn, Sarah)

(clockwise-me, Josh, Connor, Patrick, Lynn, Sarah)

Well, it's been a long while since I've even thought about writing a blog post. But I thought I would at least introduce you to this summer's intern team.

God has TRULY blessed me to let me be a part of such an amazing team. These are people who responded to God's call to come to Czech this summer and I've been amazed at their hearts and how they're letting Him use them.

Please pray for us this summer as we're doing three English camps together.

June 3-10 - Hradec Kralove camp
June 17-24 - Vikyrovice camp
June 31-August 7 - Havlickuv Brod camp

Thank you for praying for what God is doing in Czech this summer!

a letter from my niece

Dear Auntie Autumn,

I miss you. I miss you and I want you to stay by me and sleep by my bed. I want you to stay here for ever and ever, and watch movies with me and go everywhere with me and so you can tell me everything about God because I only know a little and I want to know everything. And we will get you anything you want for your birthday. And I want you to follow me and hold me in the deep end before I fall down. Thank you for my present. (And that is all!) :)


the new normal

There are things in Czech that are different than I'm used to. Some of these things I've gotten used to and they've become more "normal." And yet there are others that I still have to smile at when I encounter them.

Here are a few examples:

-man capris
-funny translations
-kids using whatever is closest as a toilet
-parents leaving strollers outside stores...with the babies still in them!

I usually take a double-take when I see this last one. I guess I'm getting used to it though because I saw a stroller outside a store this morning and hardly noticed it was there. But what really got me was when I saw the baby. The lady working at the grocery store was ringing up groceries with her baby on her lap!

Oh, Czech Republic...how I love your little qwerks!


Okay, so I haven't written about my life in a while, so I thought I would start posting pictures.

One of the things I've been involved with has been the middle school youth group at my church. It's a very new ministry and right now we have six kids who come regularly. We're also working with another middle school ministry in a town called Litomyšl. We join them every other week for youth group, where there are about 25 kids total (including our 6). On the off week, we meet at our church and have a game club. The past couple times we've had game club, the guys and girls have been splitting up...the guys go and play floor ball, and the girls have been playing card games (mostly Dutch Blitz lately).

Here's a picture of my dorost (middle school) girls. Klara, Ester, & Eliska (even though Eliska's really in high school). These girls are great! And awesome Blitz players! :)

welcome to my world

After only living in Czech for a short period of time, my English grammar has already gone downhill. I'm sure by the time I go back to visit the states, this is how I'll be talking...

English Problems

Top ten things that make me laugh:

10) silly warning labels (ex. Portable stroller, Caution: Remove infant before folding for storage.)

9) things kids say

8) the Confessions of a Tooth Fairy video on youtube.

7) Nate’s translation of Trevor’s pirate joke

6) ash

5) Britney Boatman

4) cultural stories/mistakes

3) creative humor

2) things that shouldn’t be but are (ex. my neighbor gardening in a speedo…)

1) hearing other people laugh

oh visa my visa...

Why is it that getting a visa to live in a different country is so difficult? Soon after I moved here I applied for my short-term visa and had it within a week. I was so thankful I didn't have to deal with it and it was nice and easy. Then I started to apply for my long-term visa.

When I brought my paperwork in, they asked me why I waited so long to bring it in. I didn't think it was going to take so long for it to be ready, so I was surprised to hear them ask me that. I thought things were going well and called them about a month later to see if it was ready. They were surprised I would even ask that soon because mine was one of the "fresh cases". In the meantime, my short term visa was about to expire. I tried to figure out every possible option-only to settle on the fact that I just had to wait and hope that it'll be ready soon. There's no reason to stress over something when you can't change the outcome of it. So I waited. About a week later (while I was at English camp) I got a phone call from my roommate..."Um...there were three policemen who came to the door looking for you. They said they have a letter that they have to deliver to your hands and can't tell me what it's about." Ahh! So much for waiting and seeing what happens! So I got back from camp and intern debrief on August 14th (knowing my short-term visa would expire on the 15th). I woke up the next morning and the bell to my front door rang. I thought it was a friend coming to visit...nope! It was the police. They asked for my passport and had me sign for the letter and they were on their way. I set the letter aside assuming I wouldn't understand it anyway. Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I opened it. It said I needed to meet at the office of the foreign police on Monday morning at 8:00am with my passport. I could tell it had something to do with my visa that I applied for in Bratislava, but I didn't know what that part of it said.

On Monday I went to the foreign police and they told me I had a few things missing from my visa paperwork (I'm pretty sure 2/3 of those things were already in there, but oh well). I gave them the other paperwork they needed and wrote down everything else. Then I asked them what I should do since my short-term visa expired. He said I still have a few days since I'm allowed to be in the country for 90 days without a visa. (Apparently, they add the days before you get your visa and you still have time left if it's less than the 90 days.) But he also said I need to leave the EU...even just to get a cup of coffee. So he told me to go to Croatia for coffee (and a stamp in my passport) and come back. So I'm going to go on a forced vacation. :) I needed one anyway and this just gives me an excuse to do it now. :)

So thankfully, I'm not going to be deported. And I don't have to leave the country for long. :)

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